The battle for Arnhem
A large impressive sculpture of the battle at the bridge of Arnhem
The daily life in the war (scale 1 to 5)
75 years of liberation!
The liberators in the street in Holland

‘t Veluws Zandsculpturenfestijn at the “De Beeldentuin” in Garderen

During this edition of ‘t Veluws Sand Sculpture Festival you will travel back in time to the Second World War where everything is period authentic. From the music to all the decorations, you will feel as if you are actually in the war years. In addition to important battles from WWII such as “The Battle of Arnhem” and “D-Day” we also have the Liberation, the life of Anne Frank, our Resistance heroes, war cartoons, Radio Oranje and the Royal Family. You will see some interesting facts because there are probably some things you still don’t know from World War 2!

NEW: a unique exposition about daily life in the war years.

After you have walked past the impressive sand sculptures of the “Battle of Arnhem” and “Pearl Harbor” (which is 11 meters long and almost 5 meters high!) you will enter a world in miniature. In direct contrast to the imposing sculptures you just passed, this 1:5 scale miniature world shows you everything from buildings and streets of sand to hundreds of figurines that perfectly blend in with their surroundings. One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to stop looking and will always find something new!

ATTENTION! Do you want to visit the sculptures? Due to current Corona measures you MUST buy tickets in advance via this link!

The entrance fees are: 5 and under free, 6 to 12 years € 5.-, 13 years and older € 10.-.