Is “’t Veluws Sand Sculpture Festival” accessible by wheel chair?

The festival is wheelchair accessible. The paths are paved and wide enough for a wheelchair or scooter. There are also wheelchair toilets available.

Is there enough parking space?

There is plenty of parking space and the parking is free.

Are Dogs welcome?

Dogs are welcome if they are on a lead. We would like to point out that large dogs can be difficult for other visitors and ask you to take this into account.

Does the sand sculpture festival have a roof?

The festival is partly covered and partly outside. In bad weather conditions there are plenty of places to hide from the rain, all within easy reach.

Is the festival also suitable for the elderly?

Yes, everything is close together and the pathways are accessible. There are several on-site opportunities for resting.

Are the sculptures destroyed by rain?

The sculptures are provided with a special varnish. This will protect them from rain and hail. If some damage might occur, this will be fixed immediately. Most of the damage still occurs because people can not keep their hands off the exhibits.